Kubernetes setup Dockerhub secret

When a Kubernete’s pod or deployment pull the container image, the easiest way is to host the image in Dockerhub. However, sometimes you need to host the image in a private registry, therefore, you need to create a secret in …

Raspberry Pi user setup

When first booting a Raspberry Pi the OS comes with a default super admin user and password, and since is common to all fresh setups, it’s important to change the settings for security concerns.

Raspberry Pi Headless Setup

I do this task several times per year and always have to google it, not the ssh part, of course, but the wpa_supplicant.conf file one; having this content on my site, I can visit it for my assistance, and if for some reason the SEO spirits …

My 2021 Reading List

Last year I did read several books, mostly because the COVID-19 pandemic, tired of watching netflix I decided to read a book instead. Started with some from the backlog. And this year the tradition continues -the pandemic haven’t …

Mandrill is not freemium anymore

Tonight I did receive an awful notice. Mandrill is not free anymore, the transactional mailing service who for me was the easiest way to send emails from applications in a secure way either with their SMTP service or the REST API.