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This is my TIL section; a short blog posts featuring just what I learned. It was inspired by the til page by Simon Wilson

Machine Learning Specialization Learnings 1

I’m doing the new Machine Learning Specializationg by Andrew Ng in Coursera, great content so far. Due to that, I’m refreshing my college Calculus and Linear Algebra. In the first week we look at Regression Models with Gradent …

Run Most Basic Way the Stable Diffusion Model in M1

All internet is talking about Stable Diffusion, so I give it a try. I know is becoming mainstream, several people is building products on top of it, some simple like generate an avatar or how to decorate a house.

How to Generate a Secure Password From Command Line

When installing a new server or just creating an online account is common to need a secure password. You can use a password generator to create a secure password, but you can also use the command line to generate a secure password.

W3c Activitypub Protocol

ActivityPub protocol The protocol describes a decentralized “social network”; it relies heavily on JSON+LD schemes to describe activities performed by actors. The protocol comprises a set of interfaces for server-to-server and …

Go Vuln the Golang Vulnerability Database

What is govuln? govuln is a new vulnerability database for looking your code for vulnerable packages and prevent supply chain attacks How to install the govulncheck cli govulncheck is the command line inferface for interacting with the …