About me


I’m a software developer with eight years of experience developing web applications and HTTP APIs. I usually write code in Go, Ruby, and JavaScript. I’ve also written a good amount of Python, Rust, and PHP. I’m fluent in English and speak Spanish natively.


Software development

I have a strong background in software development. I have worked on a wide range of projects, from front-end to backend, from small to large scale. I am always trying to keep in mind the essential thing: the customer.

As a front-end engineer, I have worked with React and Vue.js. The most significant project was Authy’s Twilio Console, a web application to manage the Twilio Authy service. The application is built with React and Redux and uses a BBF (Backend for front-end) API to communicate with the internal API.

Currently, I’m working on the Authy API, maintaining and improving it while participating in the future of the Authy product. I have worked on API design and feature discovery processes. The API serves 3M+ MAU and B2B customers of all sizes.

Authy complies with SOC2, and SOX creates additional controls and requirements that other consumer software does not have to implement. I participated in the design and implementation of a CI/CD pipeline that helps with the compliance of SOC2 and SOX.

Technical leadership

In Twilio, my focus as a leader is to unblock and leverage the experience and skills of a group of 5 engineers for maintaining legacy code and keeping our SLAs in compliance.

In my startup, I worked with a team of 4 people as co-founder, and I was responsible for developing the front-end and backend of the application. As co-founder, I was also part of the product discovery and design process. Sadly, we ran out of money, closing the company.