Mandrill is not freemium anymore

Tonight I did receive an awful notice. Mandrill is not free anymore, the transactional mailing service who for me was the easiest way to send emails from applications in a secure way either with their SMTP service or the REST API.

So…What did they do?

Now the strategy is to empower the MailChimp product, and How?, well now you have to pay a $20US/mo account to use Mandill as your SaaS solution for transactional mailing. And is no more an sandalone product, now is a MailChimp add-on for premium users. Good luck with your strategy.

What should I do?

Well…pay to mailchip! But I you need more options there are similar services for you like Mailgun or Sendgrid they offer a basic but functional free service as the best days of Mandrill.