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My Dotfiles configuration

So, this is a typical post found in the developer’s blogs, and since I’m trying to create the habit of writing technical stuff as a way to learn and share, I decided to start with this simple contribution.

Daily work

A developer toolbelt should fit him/her wrist and the daily grind and tech stack. For that reason, I would like first to describe my tech stack and requirements for a well fit toolbelt.


  • Ruby
  • Golang
  • Python
  • JavaScript
  • Bash
  • MongoDB
  • SSH

I prefer working in the terminal and found it very productive to write code and interact with servers everything from the command line. For that purpose, I currently use Alacritty, which is a fast TTY terminal, as describe itself as “a terminal emulator with a strong focus on simplicity and performance.” As a text editor, I choose vim with dein as a plugin manager. However, for JavaScript, I haven’t replaced a visual editor like Sublime or VSCode.

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Popular git config options

Yeah, another hightlight from HN. This time Julia Evans (I have her in my syndication list, but saw her post from HN), shared a very interesting list of pupular git config options, source

Recurrency notation RFC-5545

I learn about the From the specification: This document defines the iCalendar data format for representing and exchanging calendaring and scheduling information such as events, to-dos, journal …

Log Search Utility

I found out in HN about logdy which is a web UI for displaying logs from the stdin to a browser, pretty neat. and reading in the comments also learn about lnav pretty cool tool too (three double oo words 😀).