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Machine Learning Specialization Learnings 1

I’m doing the new Machine Learning Specializationg by Andrew Ng in Coursera, great content so far.

Due to that, I’m refreshing my college Calculus and Linear Algebra.

In the first week we look at Regression Models with Gradent Descent. Wich makes ML an optimization problem of a multi-variable (features) fuction (model). The optmization takes a cost function (J) which represents the error of the fuction to predict the right value given an x.

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Popular git config options

Yeah, another hightlight from HN. This time Julia Evans (I have her in my syndication list, but saw her post from HN), shared a very interesting list of pupular git config options, source

Recurrency notation RFC-5545

I learn about the From the specification: This document defines the iCalendar data format for representing and exchanging calendaring and scheduling information such as events, to-dos, journal …

Log Search Utility

I found out in HN about logdy which is a web UI for displaying logs from the stdin to a browser, pretty neat. and reading in the comments also learn about lnav pretty cool tool too (three double oo words 😀).